Polypropylene braided helically convoluted inner tube fluoropolymer hose

Our TWOY hose is constructed with a PTFE convoluted inner tube and reinforced with polypropylene braid. The convoluted inner tube has open-pitch helical convolutions to ensure smooth product flow. The polypropylene braided resists abrasion better than stainless steel reinforcements and reduces burn potential from accidental contact.

Versilon TWOY hose’s inner tube has a nonstick surface and cleans easily with steam, caustics, solvents, or other cleaning agents. All standard sizes are fully vacuum rated at room temperature.

  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Compatible with almost all materials
  • Rounded, open-pitch helical convolutions shaped to ensure smooth product flow
  • Easy to flex, yet won’t flatten when bent
  • PVDF braid resistant to strong acids and is ultraviolet stabilized
  • Lightweight, with minimal force to bend
  • Braid fraying minimized, reducing risk of injury