chemical etching for hoses

Chemical Etching

Professional Labeling for Hose Collars

Provides a Sharp, Legible, and Professional Image for Hoses

Use etched collars to communicate your most critical information. Part numbers, sizes, service date and usage recommendations are just a few examples of the types of information you can communicate via chemical etching.

Using laser technology, the etched collars will present a sharp, legible, and professional image. You can include content such as your company name, serial numbers, maintenance codes, and more. Your information will not rub off, smear, or degrade.


  • Sharper and more legible than acid etching or handwritten labels
  • Print logos, patterns, designs, and reverse type
  • Use product serialization for tracking purposes
  • Identify hose maintenance and replacement dates, part numbers, pressure and temperature ratings, and any other critical data