At int2 Solutions, finding our customers the best quality hose has always been the focus of our company. We offer a wide range of hose products in a myriad of configurations, all while prioritizing the needs of high-purity environments, including industries such as pharmaceuticals, bioprocessing, and food or beverage manufacture.

silicone hose


Silicone hose is used in any number of applications, from electrical sleeving and dialectical applications, to pharmaceutical and biotech industrial applications. Int2 Solutions can help you get the silicone hose that meets your needs.

Braid Reinforced Hose

Ultra-flexible, high-purity hose for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries

Wire Reinforced Hose

Designed for vacuum and tight bend radius applications


When you trust int2 Solutions for your fluoropolymer hose needs, you can count on us to provide you with a product that is resistant to both heat and extreme cold, and can handle nearly any corrosive chemicals that may be used in manufacturing.


Flexible hosing for your high-purity applications

Smooth Bore

Perfect for general-purpose applications

fluoropolymer category
rubber category


A crucial element of the food and beverage industry, our rubber hose is designed for the demanding conditions of processing plants. It can withstand rough handling, high temperatures, and is an excellent choice for a variety of applications.

BRH Hose

Designed specifically to meet the requirements of the beverage brewing industry

FGR Hose

Flexible, multi-purpose food grade hose

Hose ID Systems

Int2 Solutions offers the hose ID systems that communicate your most crucial information. Our chemical etching and CLEAR-mark® systems provide you with the identification and traceability you need.

Chemical Etching

Provides a sharp, legible, and professional image


Provides the identification and traceability needed by the pharmaceutical and biopharma industry.

hose racks category

Hose Racks

Eliminate clutter and enhance safety